Episode #3: General Roger Brady

 General Roger Brady

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General Roger Brady:

  • US Air Force 1969-2011 [42 years].
  • Former United States Air Force four-star general who last served as the 33rd Commander, U.S. Air Forces in Europe.
  • He also concurrently served as Commander, NATO Allied Air Command, Ramstein and Director, Joint Air Power Competence Center, Kalkar, Germany.
  • As Commander, U.S. Air Forces in Europe, he has responsibility for Air Force activities in the U.S. Africa Command theater.
  • He has commanded a support group and flying training wing, and he w as vice commander of an air logistics center.
  • The general has served as a director of personnel, logistics, plans and programs, and operations at three major commands.
  • His involvement in deployed operations includes service in Vietnam, deployment of NATO forces in support of Operation Desert Storm, securing coalition support for the stand-up of expeditionary wings during Operation Allied Force, and providing Total Force and Civil Reserve Air Fleet air mobility support to operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.
  • General Brady is a command pilot with more than 3,000 hours in T-37, T-38, T-1, KC-135, C-21, and C-5.

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