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Study after study on coaching has shown that, on average, working with a coach will improve everything you do by 30% including:

  • Your speed of implementation and achievement
  • Your actual implementation of what you are learning
  • Your personal and professional growth
  • Your key goals of your organization


  • 30% more volunteers
  • 30% more leaders in leadership
  • 30% more givers
  • 30% more free time

With Bridge Leadership Path Coaching it can happen!!!! We will teach you what we have learned through our exhaustive efforts in building our Leadership Pathway and church strategies across our multi-site locations and through 8 layers of our organization.


  • BLP Coaching will help you develop simple, dynamic, and effective strategies for your church to include: Outreach Strategy, Worship Experience Strategy, Assimilation Strategy, Discipleship Pathway, Stewardship Strategy, and Leadership Pipeline Strategy.
  • BLP Coaching will evaluate your current leadership and discipleship pipeline or pathway.
  • BLP Coaching will help and support you in the building and execution of your leadership pipeline or pathway.
  • BLP Coaching will make developing leaders and your leadership pipeline the easiest and most successful process imaginable.


“Leadership is a major part of our world. There is not a single thing that functions without some form of leadership in our society today. This includes our churches and ministries. The Bridge Leadership Path has been a tremendous help to me as a ministry leader. It is important to not only build up those whom we serve in the local church, but to also build these individuals up as disciples so they can lead in their homes, in their communities, and in every area of their life. I strongly recommend the Bridge Leadership Path and model for your next move towards creating disciples. This extremely practical leadership path is a game changer on many levels.” – Shane Beauvais | Assistant Pastor | Leonardtown Church of the Nazarene

“My Executive Pastor and I came to Bridge Church in June 2018 for mentoring and to shift our church toward a new, more orderly format. Pastor Rob Huffman and Pastor Archie Callahan gave their time and years of experience to us. We have been blessed by the changes we’ve made because of their guidance we received. The Bridge Coaching network has been invaluable to us and we are now reaping the benefits of their wisdom and knowledge we have received from Bridge Coaching” – Pastor Terrance Williams | Lead Pastor | Reality Church

We have been very pleased with our coaching experience with the Bridge Leadership Path Network. The Bridge Church pastors easily share their passion for the Biblical model of building up the kingdom of God by making disciples and leaders, who make more disciples and leaders. We have been encouraged, challenged and supported as we navigate through our assignments and strategies each month. The team at Bridge has been available to us through this process, ready to help, guide, share insight and answer questions. The resources shared are valuable in helping us set up our structure for a successful path of leadership in our church. Our leadership culture is already beginning to change as we share bits and pieces of our journey with those in leadership. We look forward to the launch of our new leadership path.” – Beth Grimm | Ministry Director | Damascus Friends Church


Bridge Leadership Path Coaching is an interactive coaching community. It is led by our instructors who teach and facilitate discussions and speak from over 80 years of experience. Our coaching network is designed to help you build better leaders, a dynamic leadership pipeline, and simple yet effective strategies for growth. Whether it is a single location or multiple campuses, this coaching network will walk you step-for-step through the structure, curriculum, and implementation of church strategies and leadership pipeline. With access to Bridge Church’s leadership pipeline, discipleship pathway, church strategies, promotion pyramid, HR processes, handbooks, and more, this network will not only help you grow your church but allow you to structure in such a way as to handle future growth.


Lead Pastors, Campus Pastors, Staff Pastors, Key Volunteers  [You can bring as many staff members and volunteers as you would like for one price]


February 6, 2019


7 months | February 2019 – August 2019


  • Group video conference call | First Wednesday at 2:00 PM: Each video call will focus on developing a core strategy for your church. Every call is 60-90 minutes in length and will be recorded and placed in a vault that can be accessed 24/7.
  • 1 hour one-on-one video call: This is the time we evaluate an individual church strategy. We then work individually with you on the next steps of development.
  • Book of the Month: Each month we will give you a suggested reading assignment for a book of choice that will help the development of your leadership pipeline and help you develop as a leader.
  • Access: You will have access to our other dynamic systems like: Bridge Discipleship Path, Bridge Assimilation, The Promotion Pyramid, and more.
  • Access: You will have access to a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support from your instructors and other group members in the coaching network.

Session One: Intro to Church Strategies and Leadership Pipeline

Session Two: The Outreach Strategy

Session Three: The Worship Service Strategy

Session Four: The Assimilation Strategy

Session Five: The Stewardship Strategy

Session Six: Designing Your Leadership Pipeline | Levels 1-4

Session Seven: Designing Your Leadership Pipeline | Levels 5-8

BONUS #1: Discipleship Pathway

BONUS #2: Receive a free leadership book with your entry into the network


  • Average attendance 0-500 | $250 per month
  • Average attendance 501-1000 | $325 per month
  • Average attendance 1000 and up | $400 per month
  • Payments: Payments are charged monthly on the 1st of every month.


Complete the registration form below. Once registered, you will receive a detailed email with start date, payment instructions, and all of the details about the coaching network.

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